Why Do You Need Our Extra Strong Glass Protection?

  • Glass is the most vulnerable point of your property, is all of your glass protected?
  • Let us protect you and your property from break-ins, vandalism, accidents and more…
  • Crystal-clear Israeli-made films that are virtually invisible
  • Surprisingly more affordable than other security systems
  • Works 24/7 without monitoring, electricity, locks, keys, on/off switches or ongoing fees or maintenance
  • If only one side of your glass windows and doors are protected with security screens, then we are the perfect combination on your fixed unprotected panels
  • Complete peace of mind all of the time

Cleargard Australia offers the best line-up of safety and security films on the market today for residential and commercial properties. With impressive glass window and door protective security, our films provide a cost-effective alternative to bars and grilles with zero change to the look of your property. Why not call us for a quote?

We Offer Premium Film Products

Cleargard Australia offers free quotations and guarantees all installations. Our glass protection film is made of the clearest and strongest materials available on the market today and is guaranteed not to peel, bubble or discolour over time. Additional benefits of our safety glass window film include a scratch resistant coating for easier cleaning and a UV filter that helps prevent the fading of furniture and furnishings.

Our selection includes:

Fast Efficient Film Installation

When it comes to the installation of your window film, Cleargard Australia follows the best practices and maintains exceptional workmanship. We install the film onto your existing glass windows to provide long-term and effective protection. We also use the best film anchoring techniques to ensure that maximum delay is achieved.