Glass Safety Film for Maximum Security

Ensure maximum security for your property with Cleargard Australia’s high-quality protective film. Designed to meet AS/NZS 2203 Grade A-3 safety standards, our glass protection film serves as a cost-effective addition to residential and commercial properties.

Upgraded Products for Your Safety

Glass windows can be very fragile; one strong impact can easily shatter the surface and cause injury and/or damage. Our window safety film has a special strong adhesive that helps retain broken glass shards from scattering during accidents. The adhesive also prevents glass fragments from falling out of the frames, thereby reducing potential injury during accidents.

Exceptional Window Protection Film

With Cleargard Australia’s window safety film, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to upgrade your glass to the current Australian safety standards and keep your family and property protected. Contact us today and get a free quote for your safety film today.