Prevent the blinding glare and those harmful UV rays from passing through your windows with Cleargard Australia’s anti-glare film. We offer premium-made films to control light and heat without obstructing the view of your outdoor landscape. With our products, you don’t have to change drapes every week or buy new blinds just to keep the glare out.

Anti-Glare Films for Your Windows

With our anti-glare film, you can still maintain that stylish touch to your windows without compromising the privacy of your space. We offer vinyl frosted glass films to provide a unique and stunning finish that will make your windows stand out.

Extra Protection From the Sun’s Rays & Intruders

Our films shield your space from harmful UV rays and protect your furnishings and fabrics from fading. These filter out the bright glare from the sun, while allowing natural light to enter your space. The best thing about our films is they provide extra protection from intruders. Our products are made of high-standard coatings that prevent the glass from breaking easily even after receiving strong blows or impact. We also use strong anchors to prevent the entire windowpane from being pushed in when an intruder attempts to enter your home.

Enjoy the best of privacy, protection, and aesthetics with Cleargard Australia’s window films. Contact us to get a detailed quote for your anti-glare film installation.