Our clear safety and security products are primarily designed to minimize injuries in the case of accidents, help prevent break-ins, smash and grabs, and against more serious events such as explosions and natural disasters. However, our solar energy film products offer an overwhelming number of additional benefits. These include:

  1. Cut energy bills by up to 20%
  2. Enhance comfort
  3. Reduce solar heat gain by up to 80%
  4. Cool home office areas much faster
  5. Improve building aesthetics
  6. Block out all damaging UV rays
  7. Reduce fading
  8. Extend the life of furniture and furnishings
  9. Extend the life of cooling systems
  10. Evenly distribute temperature
  11. Improve office environment productivity
  12. Increase privacy
  13. Reduce glare
  14. Improve views
  15. Reduce disruptions and moves to cooler offices
  16. Disguise unsightly views and features behind glass
  17. Upgrade green rating and certification
  18. Reduce carbon footprint