Windows are one of the most important parts of a house; from letting in sunlight to revealing beautiful views, they can really influence the look and feel of your home environment.

There are risks to be aware of however, as untreated and unprotected windows can cause your family and belongings a lot of damage. Safety and security from break-ins is the main concern as well as problems caused by too much direct sunlight and excessive heat.

By using Cleargard Australia’s window tinting services for your Burswood home, you can safeguard your property and more importantly, your family from these issues and enjoy the following benefits.

Benefits Of Choosing Cleargard For Your Window Tinting In Burswood

Window Tinting Burswood

  • Reduce Energy Costs

When excessive heat happens to enter your living room or bedrooms, it will heat up space, creating a stuffy environment and if you use air conditioning, will cause the systems to put more pressure on their cycles.  Not only will this increase the rates of your energy bills but also decrease the life of your air conditioner. Our window tinting blocks 85% of heat from coming in through the windows and keeps the temperature consistent throughout the whole day.

  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Sunlight is a source of many benefits to your health and home but you need to be wary of how much light you’re exposed to because too much becomes a major hazard to the health of your skin. Direct sunlight is accompanied by harmful UV rays that cause various types of skin damage – if you get a lot of indoor light or keep your windows open at home, you are not immune to it, for simply being indoors.

These rays are also reason home furnishings and carpets fade and perish before time. Our window tinting services keep 99% of such harmful rays out of your house. With Cleargard, you can purchase window tinting for your home as well as installation services in Burswood.

  • Improve Aesthetics

Many people think that going for window tinting could lower the value of the property, but the contrary tends to be the case – it increases the aesthetic value of the interiors and exteriors as well. In Burswood, we have a variety of tinting films available at Cleargard that will help you with safeguarding your glass doors and windows.

Benefits Of Installing Security Films

  • Protection Against Break-Ins

Nobody wants to have burglary and theft on the mind but it happens in all suburban areas, Including Burswood. Being the most vulnerable point of the house, windows that are not safeguarded can be an entry point for break-ins or property damage and vandalism. A security film is the perfect solution to this problem, as it holds the glass at its place when broken, and does not allow the shards to fly all around the place.

  • Protection Against Natural Hazards

Natural hazards like storms and heavy winds are uninvited guests that cause a lot of damage to your home. In Burswood, many people opt for including security film to their windows so that they are stronger and safer. Our security film not only acts as a protective shield to your windows but gives you an added level comfort.

Contact Cleagard Australia today to learn more about installing window tinting or security film to your Burswood home, or to get a free quote on any of our services.

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