Cleargard Australia – Our History

Cleargard Australia was originally formed as ACE Security Laminates WA in September of 2004 in Perth, Western Australia.  Charles Denny, the founding partner, wanted to protect a chain of jewellery stores, that he was currently managing, from frequent smash and grab attacks on the front windows.  He was so impressed with the products’ performance, that he decided to go into business for himself and to buy a franchise from the then Canadian-based company headquarters.

Charles began marketing the security film products to homes and small businesses until he received his first big contract: the newly built police headquarters in Albany, WA.  This large project allowed him to expand the business, hire additional personal, and go into partnership with George Pappas, the other current managing director.

In an effort to offer additional products without heavy franchise restrictions and associated costs, ACE Security Laminates WA was retired and in January of 2007, Cleargard Australia was created.  The company now opened liaison offices in Melbourne and Sydney and significantly increased it’s product range to include solar films, anti-graffiti film, and safety films.  Most of the products were now manufactured in Israel by Hanita Coatings, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of window coatings.

Customers to date now include Parliament House, the Perth Airports, the Department of House and Works, the Public Transport Authority (all of the train stations & buses in Perth are protected with Cleargard Australia’s window safety and anti-graffiti films), the Sydney Jewish War Museum & War Memorial, police cars, prisons, oil and gas rigs of the country’s coasts, scores of shopping centres and businesses, and thousands of homes across the country.

Cleargard Australia was one of the first security film company’s to offer silicone and mechanical anchoring techniques, Shatter Resistant Glazing (SRG), easy-clean window treatments, and was largely instrumental in bringing in the extra-resistant Israeli-made Hanita Coatings products into  Australia.