Don’t let your data fly out the window

Spylock 35 supplies windows with an invisible electrically conductive coating. It can easily be retrofitted in existing constructions or be integrated as interlayer in laminated glazing to reduce radiation intensity in living and working spaces.

With more data being transmitted and shared electronically, protection from electronic eavesdropping becomes crucial. This is especially true for government organizations, businesses, architects and building owners looking for ways to design secure buildings.

Vianovix are specialists in architectural shielding against microwave and radiofrequency radiation, providing solutions for existing buildings and new constructions worldwide. The SPYLOCK conductive films have been specifically engineered to reduce the transmission of electromagnetic radiation, also known as EMI Shielding.

Architectural shielding materials are used to reduce the exposure of a building’s occupants to electromagnetic radiation emitted by nearby sources of microwave and radiofrequency radiation, to protect sensitive electronic equipment from interference and to prevent data theft/hacking. Sources of electric and magnetic energy are mobile phone towers (4G, 5G, 6G) and many other electronic devices also including wifi.

Key Features

  • Highest quality shielding product
  • Optical transparency ≥75 VLT
  • Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of ≥32 dB (frequency range from 10 MHz up to 26 GHz)
  • No edge deletion, so complete barrier when installed with conductive gaskets or silicone
  • Application: retrofit or interlayer for laminated glazing