The Difference Between Graffiti and Vandalism

Vandalism has been around ever since the Vikings torched their first village, but the word has taken on a new meaning over the centuries. Spray paint has given people a new way to express themselves, but that expression has come with a price: graffiti. Tags exist wherever there’s a blank space, and not even windows are safe getting the urban treatment.

Graffiti and Vandalism

Years of tagging and urban culture have made graffiti infamous, and are now considered a form of vandalism by most people and organisations. Nevertheless, there are some groups that are trying to make a difference – saying that vandalism and graffiti aren’t the same thing.

In an earlier blog post, we talked about how to keep vandals away from your property, what vandals do and how they behave. That kind of behaviour doesn’t always stand true for graffiti people, and business owners may confuse the two.

Save Your Energy

Vandals are violent thugs who steal things, or just want to break stuff. Graffiti people don’t really break anything, and even run away at the first sign of trouble. What we’re saying is, dealing with paint and broken windows are two very different things. Make sure that you save your energy and indignation for those who want to harm your business. In addition, we have the right product to protect your glass from permanent marks, scratches, paint and any damage caused by acid etching.

If you’re looking for people who know how to channel the protection of your business, look no further. Just give us a call, and our team of professionals will quickly brief you on the products and services we offer to make homes and businesses safer. We offer different kinds of film, from anti-graffiti to solar window films. At Cleargard Australia, we strive to make your world safer.