House owners tend to gain a lot of benefits from the investments they make while building or improving a house. Some of them enjoy the aesthetic value of the house and some just concentrate on getting all the updated safety concerns fixed. The latter is vital in determining the security of your property and it doesn’t need to mean compromising the aesthetic value. When it comes to simple but effective safety features that increase peace of mind about your property, paying attention to your windows and installing window tinting or security films is a very practical solution. Windows are usually the most vulnerable point of a house and a common point for the crime such as breaking and entering.

What Do You Get From Our East Perth Window Tinting Services?

Window Tinting East Perth
Window tinting is a solution that is unmatched because it is really affordable and an effective safety feature. In East Perth, we provide you with the best window films that will not only give your windows the strength they require but by choosing your preferred shade, can enhance aesthetic appeal. Below are some of the important benefits of window tinting that you can enjoy with us, in East Perth.

  • Reduces Significant Amount Of Glare

When you happen to watch television or work on your computer screens, sunlight coming through the windows give way to excessive glare that causes damage to your eyes and further results in causing strained eyes and severe headaches. With our window tinting service, you will be able to block more than 99 percent of glare and provide yourself with a peace of mind and comfort.

  • Reduce The Cost Of Your Electricity Bills

Whenever sunlight enters a room through the windows, it leaves the whole space with inconsistent temperature. You may overuse your fans or air conditioner to regulate your indoor environment, and this can leave you with costly energy bills particularly during hot East Perth summers! With window tinting, you will be able to block out more than 85 percent of heat from entering through the windows. This film helps you in increasing the life of your air conditioner and decrease the numbers in your energy bills.

Why Do We Need Security Films?

In East Perth, a security film plays a very important part in determining the safety of your windows and glass doors. Nobody wants to think about it but the reality is, unprotected windows are a common entry point for break-ins so it is always worthwhile enhancing your home security as much as you can.

In the event of accidents like if a strong throw of a ball leads it to hit your window – security film ensures that the glass remains in one shape and in place after being hit by the flying object. Our tough security film at Cleargard Australia does not allow the shards to fly around the house when broken. Not only will this safeguard the whole place but will keep the family members safe and your belongings safer.

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