It is common sense that a homeowner should keep the security of their household and all its members as their number one priority when building or maintaining a house. Risking the lives of your family members along with your valuable belongings is a really important deal. That is the reason, why people in Ellenbrook have started strengthening their homes with smarter safety solutions.

Windows being one of the most vulnerable points in the house can go through a lot of breaking, damage, and penetration. Such damages can be made through criminal activities or even accidents like when playing ball games in the yard, during parties or natural hazards like harsh weather, for that matter. You would be quite surprised to know that, direct sunlight can also cause a significant amount of damage to your home interiors. How? Well, direct sunlight can cause your carpets and furnishing to fade and perish over time. We at Cleargard Australia, have the right solution for your Ellenbrook properties that is both effective and not too costly– window tinting.

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Window Tinting Ellenbrook
It is vital to keep direct sunlight away from your personal spaces. Not only can this light damage your skin and through glare, potentially your eyesight, it can also cause a significant amount of damage to your furniture. When you happen to receive excessive sunlight in your rooms, harmful UV rays are not protected by plain glass. So even when you are indoors, over time you can still fall susceptible to sun damage.

In Ellenbrook, the services of window tinting help in blocking out more than 95 percent of sunlight and keep 99 percent of the harmful UV rays away from entering your rooms. With the help of window tinting, you can also reduce glare and provide yourself with the added comfort.

Another benefit of having window tinting installed is it also reduces the costs of your energy bills. How does this happen? Well, that is pretty much within your reach, as it all depends on you. Window tinting keeps a room’s temperature cool by blocking 85 percent of excessive heat, which in turn means using fans or air conditioning units less, and when you do use them, the air conditioner is likely to run at a normal, more regular pace. This not only increases the life of your air conditioner but can also reduce your energy bills noticeably.

Window Security Films

Security film can play a very important part of keeping your Ellenbrook home or workspace safe, comfortable and secure. In the event of damage and breakage,  window film keeps the glass in shape – in one piece even if it is hit by flying objects or breached by burglars. Our security film in Ellenbrook does not let the sharp shards fly around the nearby area, keeping your family members and belongings safe and sound.

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