How fast can I organise a quotation and how long does the film take to install?
Quotes can usually be arranged in as little as 24 hours and installations take place within a few days. Cleargard Australia makes every effort to get your property protected as quickly as possible.

What prevents the entire pane of glass from being pushed in?
We anchor the security film to the glass frame using a structural silicone or mechanical anchoring. This method is proven to be very effective.

Does the security film prevent the glass from breaking?
No, the glass usually breaks during an attempted forced entry; however, the film absorbs the impact and helps prevent entry. If you are interested in protecting your windows from breaking then you should look at our shatter resistant glazing or SRG product.

Do you guarantee that your security film will prevent entry?
No manufacturer of any security product would offer such a guarantee, but the product is very, very difficult to break through. Our products have been tested on numerous occasions and have been very successful at helping to prevent a forced entry.

Will your products bubble or peel off given enough time?
No, our products are guaranteed never to peel, bubble, or discolour.

Do I need to clean my windows prior to installation?
No, we will do this for you as part of the installation procedure; however, our installers require one metre of working space in front of each glass window or door.

Does the film get installed on the inside or the outside of my glass?
We usually install the film on the inside of the glass because if is more effective and lasts longer, but can install the film externally if this is necessary.

What happens if there is a fire? Will I be able to get out?
Most people evacuate through a window or a door and this has never been an issue. If you are generally concerned, we have left one or two windows “unsealed” with structural silicone as a “fire escape” in the past.