Security Film Protection

Complete Protection For Your Home, Family and Business

Government Security Window Films

Having worked closely with a range of government sectors, including transport, education, local councils, health, sport and recreation, Cleargard’s 20 years of industry experience enables us to manage and complete large-scale projects.

Our range of security films are multipurpose and offer a range of features and benefits that traditional window films don’t provide. We can guide you through the entire selection process, resulting in the best long-term investment for any government asset, fixed or mobile.

Government Security and Safety films

Security film

Our virtually invisible Israeli-made security films are installed to the inside of your existing glass panels and are attached to the frame for extra protection from intentional…

Safety film

Our clear Israeli-made safety film covers your existing glass, absorbs impact, holds broken glass shards together, and instantly brings your glass up to AS/NZ 2208 safety standards.

Solar Window Film

Our films offer the perfect solution to shield your interiors from the intense glare and harmful UV rays of the sun, while helping you reduce energy costs and increase the…

Anti-Graffiti Film

Specially designed with a durable protective coating, our films protect your existing glass from scratches, paint, permanent marks and scuffs, and damage caused by acid etching…

Decorative Film

Whether it’s to block out that intense glare and UV rays from the sun, update your designs, or maintain privacy in your space, there is no better material to choose than…

Window Privacy Film

With our window privacy film, you don’t need to install new shutters to give your windows a new touch, or draw curtains to shield your interiors from prying eyes…

L. Dolphin of Woodlands

“I had the tinted security film installed though out my house and now not only is my home protected, but it is much cooler as well. I feel much more peace of mind with the product installed and have already recommended Cleargard Australia to other potential clients..”