Security Film Protection

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Industrial Security Window Films

Here at Cleargard we understand the needs of our industrial clients and the benefits that quality window films can provide. Our team has the knowledge and experience to manage even the most complex jobs.

At the core of any security film is the ability to prevent breakages, normally in the form of intruders trying to get in, but our industrial security window films also provide so much more.

Industrial window films can protect your assets, as well as workers, by preventing breaks arising from accidental falls, foreign objects, or even explosions.

IndustrialSecurity and Safety films

Security film

Our virtually invisible Israeli-made security films are installed to the inside of your existing glass panels and are attached to the frame for extra protection from intentional…

Safety film

Our clear Israeli-made safety film covers your existing glass, absorbs impact, holds broken glass shards together, and instantly brings your glass up to AS/NZ 2208 safety standards.

Solar Window Film

Our films offer the perfect solution to shield your interiors from the intense glare and harmful UV rays of the sun, while helping you reduce energy costs and increase the…

Anti-Graffiti Film

Specially designed with a durable protective coating, our films protect your existing glass from scratches, paint, permanent marks and scuffs, and damage caused by acid etching…

Decorative Film

Whether it’s to block out that intense glare and UV rays from the sun, update your designs, or maintain privacy in your space, there is no better material to choose than…

Window Privacy Film

With our window privacy film, you don’t need to install new shutters to give your windows a new touch, or draw curtains to shield your interiors from prying eyes…

Dr. E. Bould of Bundoora, Victoria

“I received a fantastic service from Cleargard Australia from the measurement and quotation through to the completion of the work. They did such a great job, can’t believe they completed all the windows in my house in one day. I also really appreciated their help in putting my house back together again, and will have no hesitation in recommending the company, as it really is first class!”