Increasing safety and security features of your property will transform your space in a number of ways. The spaces of a house that have all such modulations and features tend to give a house owner space to breathe with an added comfort. One should abide such safety standards whenever he or she plans on building a house or looking for improvements to add. Many tend to think that updating their safety features will require a huge level of investment however when it comes to securing your glass surface points like windows, this is not necessarily true. By installing window tinting film to your Joondalup home or business you can up your level security without excessive costs.

Window tinting and installing security film are becoming increasingly common in Joondalup as a simple but effective safety solution. Glass windows are considered to be one of the most vulnerable points of the house which need added protection. Not only can they be damaged by criminal activities, but they can also be breached by direct sunlight and excessive heat. Our services of window tinting are considered to be one of the best solutions for people living in Joondalup.

What Do You Get With Window Tinting in Joondalup?

Window Tinting Joondalup

  • Glare Reduction

A common discomfort in homes or workplaces, especially in summer, is too much direct sunlight and the effect of glare on their computer and television screens. Glare can leave you with severe headaches and strained eyes. Our window tinting sheets block out more than 99 percent of glare and in turn leave you with the peace of mind and more comfortable space.

  • Energy Efficiency

Whenever your room receives excessive heat and sunlight through the windows, you tend to experience inconsistent indoor temperature patterns throughout the day. Within this situational process, your probably-overused air conditioner will makes multiples rounds and cycles which further results in costly energy bills. If you go on to use our window tinting services, you will experience a serious reduction in your energy bills, as the tinting films block our more than 85 percent of heat from entering through the windows!

What’s So Special About Window Security Films?

Imagine leaving your windows untreated and unprotected, and burglars happen to notice that fact, what would happen next? Well, you might end up experiencing theft or in the worst cases, endangering your family’s sense of safety in this process. A security film by Cleargard Australia in Joondalup is the perfect and the most affordable solution.

It is important to note that security film does not protect your windows from breaking, but it does hold them in one place without moving an inch that allows the shards to stay where they are.

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