When it comes to your Maylands residential or commercial property, exposure to the elements like fire, wind, and water can be beautiful and soothing in moderation – think natural light filling your spaces and listening to the rain in bed…. but in excess, these will cause you damage in numerous ways.

Sunlight is a strong example that has been causing increasing troubles because of the UV rays. We all know that we have to be sun smart outdoors and avoid direct sun exposure during a heat wave or slip, slop, slap on a summer’s day but many of us do not seem to give any thought at all to the levels of scorching sunlight entering our homes through windows. Installing safety measures from the sun like window tinting and safety film is a very effective precaution for these cases.

The term window tinting refers to the installation of a thin security film on the interior or exterior of your glass to make it sunlight-resistant. At Cleargard Australia, we facilitate this service in Maylands and surrounding areas. We understand that everybody has different needs when it comes to their home, business or investment property, which is why we make sure to include a wide variety of films that provide protection to your home from the harmful rays.

Our window tinting film is made in Israel from high-quality materials. As these are products used in protection a home or business, we ensure that we have an extensive yet affordable range without compromising on quality!

Advantages of Using Cleargard Window Tinting in Maylands:

Window Tinting Maylands

  • Heat Protection: In Maylands, we have hot and dry summers. You need to protect your home from direct sunlight and heating sun rays entering through your windows. Window tinting can help you in doing that.
  • Prevent Sickness and Health Issues: With the increased amount of harmful UV effects in the sunlight, it is preferred to avoid long contact with direct light of the sun regardless of whether you are home or not. These rays can give you some chronic skin diseases and can even lead to skin cancer. Therefore, window tinting blocks these rays and prevents them from entering your house in Maylands.
  • Prevent Fading of Coloured Fabric: Keeping any type of fabric or cloth under direct sunlight for a long time can fade its color. Sunlight coming through your windows onto your carpets or sofa covers can spoil the quality and color of the fabric. With window tinting, you don’t have to worry about that as it disperses the sunlight and prevents the interaction of high heat with the fabric and materials.
  • Provides Privacy: When a thin layer is added to your windowpane, the transparency of the window reduces. This gives you a bit of privacy inside your home and less peeping neighbors of course.
  • Security: This might be surprising for you but window tinting does add a layer of security too to your home. The security films we use are anchored firmly by attaching the film to the glass and the frame both. So in case an intruder tries entering your home, the tinting would delay the process for him.

These are a few amongst many uses of window tinting and a security film not only in Maylands but anywhere in Australia. Maintaining a sense of personal safety and comfort is a necessity – not a luxury and safeguarding your home or business property with window tinting is a very easy security measure to take. The process of installation is simple and affordable. At Cleargard we even provide the installation services for your comfort, so we can ensure a long lasting effect and impact of our work on your property. Contact our friendly team today for a free quote on our services.  

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