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 Anti-Graffiti Film Perth

Protect your property’s glass from vandalism with the most durable and highest quality anti-graffiti coating that Perth has to offer!
Specially designed with a durable, protective coating, Cleargard’s anti-graffiti film protects your existing glass from scratches, paint, permanent marks and scuffs, and damage caused by acid etching. With our special invisible external films, maintaining the aesthetics of your property will never be a problem.

Anti-Graffiti Films for Extra Protection

Cleargard Australia’s anti-graffiti film offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive glass replacement. Our films have special adhesive that help cover-up existing scratches when exposed to heat and sunlight. If your film gets damaged, we can simply remove the film and replace it, saving you time and money.

Anti Graffiti Coating - Cleargard Australia

 How Anti-Graffiti Coating in Perth Benefits your Business

Some of the benefits of our anti-graffiti coating are:

Easily replaceable

Anti-graffiti film is a strong, thin layer, almost impenetrable applied to the outside of a window. If your window is vandalized,  all we need to do is peel off the damaged film and replace it with a new one.

Save Costs on Clean-up

Graffiti paint is difficult to remove and typically requires hours of labour to scrape off. This wastes time, damages glass, costs money and disrupts your business operations. Make life simpler by installing anti-graffiti film which can be easily replaced.

Protects Glass

The high quality, clear polyester anti-graffiti window film protects your glass from chemical and natural elements which can damage glass by causing scarring and scratching over time. This can significantly extend the lifespan of your glass façade, saving you money on glass replacement in the long run.

Protect Tinted Window Film

Commercial window tinting can be a significant investment and costs a lot of money to replace it in case of damage. Anti-graffiti film successfully protects your precious tinted windows from vandalism.

Professional Safety Film Installation

Here’s how Cleargard’s streamlined installation process works:

  • A Cleargard representative will inspect your windows, take measurements, make recommendations, and leave an info sample package.
  • You will receive a quotation usually within 1 business day.
  • Approve quotation and set installation date and time.
  • The Cleargard installer will clean the windows and prepare them for the film (you do not need to clean the windows prior to his arrival… all we request is 1 metre of working space in front of each window).
  • The installer then rolls the film onto the inside of the glass and removes any application solution with thick rubber squeegees.
  • After the frames are dry, the installer applies a black structural silicone where applicable.

Your property is now protected!

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      Deter Vandals with Anti-Graffiti Film in Perth 

    Enjoy peace of mind and focus on growing your business by opting for high quality, affordable anti-graffiti protection which safeguards your investment and deters vandals from damaging your property. Contact Cleargard today for cutting-edge window film solutions.

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