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 Solar Film for Home Windows in Perth


ur solar window film offers and innovative solution to shielding residential and commercial interiors from the intense glare and harmful UV rays of the sun, while helping you reduce energy costs and boost the privacy of your property.

Reducing Solar Heat Gain with Solar Film

Cleargard Australia’s solar film for home windows helps you create a balanced environment during the hot summer months. Instead of absorbing the heat from the sun, our films act as a barrier to reduce solar heat gain of up to 80%. This helps keep your interiors cool without turning up your air conditioners and helps keep energy bills low through better energy efficiency. For more information on innovative security film solutions, click here.

Providing Extra Protection from UV Rays

While it may not be evident at first, UV rays cause significant damage to your home or business over time. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause the colours or designs of your furnishings, carpet, or other fixtures to fade and appear worn. Our solar film windows will solve your UV ray problems. Solar films are manufactured with a modern protective UV filter to block out harmful rays, protecting you from constant exposure.

Get impressive energy savings and experience year-round comfort with our high-quality solar films.

Create a Better Business Environment

Research shows that environmental and seasonal factors greatly affect employee productivity and even customer interaction in a business setting. UV rays can heat up your space within no time and create an uncomfortable environment where business efficiency is impacted. Make a strong first impression on customers by providing them a cool, comfortable environment.

Professional Safety Film Installation

Here’s how Cleargard’s streamlined installation process works:

  • A Cleargard representative will inspect your windows, take measurements, make recommendations, and leave an info sample package.
  • You will receive a quotation usually within 1 business day.
  • Approve quotation and set installation date and time.
  • The Cleargard installer will clean the windows and prepare them for the film (you do not need to clean the windows prior to his arrival… all we request is 1 metre of working space in front of each window).
  • The installer then rolls the film onto the inside of the glass and removes any application solution with thick rubber squeegees.
  • After the frames are dry, the installer applies a black structural silicone where applicable.

Your property is now protected!

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     Savings with Solar Window Tint

    Prepare your Perth home or business for summer by installing high quality solar window tint which helps reduce heat, glare and helps to protect your assets from wear and tear. Contact Cleargard today for customised solar film solutions for large and small spaces across the Perth region.

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