So you’re probably exploring your options for your home renovations, looking at replacing your window tinting or are in the process of upgrading your home security features. For many, the option of window tinting naturally comes to mind as it describes a popular feature that has been available for many years. Window Security Film, on the other hand, is more commonly associated as a cost-effective security feature for commercial properties and households.

The products can easily be confused for one another, especially when you throw tinted Cleargard Australia™ Security Film in the mix! Here is everything you need to know about these two window products, all their similarities and differences.

The Look: How Dark Is The Tint?

Window tinting can come in a range of shades, you need to be very clear and concise about your preferences in order to avoid tinting that is too dark or too light. Cleargard Australia™ Security Film can also be purchased as a tinted option for privacy and reduced glare, in addition to its glass protection benefits.

The Level of Protection: Privacy VS Security

Adding a tinted film to your window is an excellent measure for enhancing your sense of privacy at home. You can install window tinting to your outdoor windows to reduce glare from the sun, or to glass surfaces and windows within your home or office to ensure you feel comfortable in your spaces.

Aesthetically, Cleargard Australia™ Security Film is also tinted (though generally not as dark as higher-level window tinting) and will provide you with the same levels of privacy and glare reduction as regular window tinting. The main security benefit is that high-quality Cleargard Australia™ Security Film can actually reduce 99% of UV rays, ensuring that your furniture and home are always protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

The non-visible difference between the two options is the greater strength and level of protection of Cleargard Australia™ Security Film as it protects your glass windows from shattering when impacted. Window tinting may cost a little bit less but the compromise is your level of security.

The Advantages

Both window tinting and Cleargard Australia™ Security Film will provide you with:

  • A level of privacy, as both are tinted to an extent
  • Reduced glare and UV rays
  • Reduced heat and better indoor temperature control  
  • Cost-effective options
  • Simpler installation as opposed to replacing entire window panes

Home and office window tinting can refer to various styles and aesthetics of window film, for example, different coloured tints and varying levels of darkness. This is the main advantage and only real difference between tinting and applying Cleargard Australia™ Security Film. So if you are after a decorative style that is rather specific or unique to add to your windows, exploring window tinting may provide you with more options.

A lot of the time, property owners prefer only a slight tint or simple option that doesn’t draw attention to their windows and surfaces. In these cases, Cleargard Australia™ Security Film is the better value option. Cleargard Australia™ Security Film gives you the extra safety feature of protecting your glass from break-ins, providing you with both privacy and security. So you can expect all of the following bonuses when choosing Cleargard Australia™ Security Films:

  • Prevent break-ins and safeguard your home or office
  • Protect yourself and your belongings from glass debris in the event of glass breakage
  • Prevent harm and issues from glass shattering
  • Less costly than replacing the glass altogether

As with any security feature for your home or business, make sure you choose a reliable supplier to purchase and install your Cleargard Australia™ Security Film. Cleargard Australia has been a premier provider of high-quality Cleargard Australia™ Security Film Perth-wide. We take pride in making sure that everything that is important to you stays safe.

The Disadvantages

The major disadvantage of window tinting is that it does not provide your glass windows with any protection or security from breakage. Cleargard Australia™ Security Film, on the other hand, adds an extra layer of strength and security to your windows as it prevents broken glass from shattering.

Risk Factors of Window Tinting

If you live in a family household with children, enjoy a bit of backyard sport or simply want to best options for your windows, you should really take into consideration all of the following risk factors of choosing window tinting:

  • The impact of a ball can easily break your window
  • Accidents and falls can smash your glass and cause major damage
  • Even without impact, weather-related stress on an older window can cause cracks
  • No extra protection against break-ins

All of the above risks can easily be mitigated by choosing Cleargard Australia™ Security Film. Security Film is a protective window film product which reduces the risk of glass shattering, thus preventing harm, messy accidents and break-ins.

Cleargard Australia™ Security Film

Our Cleargard Australia™ Security Film can be purchased as a tinted option and will provide your home or business with all the privacy and aesthetic features of window-tinting as well as the added layer of security. All our products have guarantees and we offer professional installations for residential and commercial clients to ensure your Cleargard Australia™ Security Film is properly applied for maximum protection. Contact our team for a fast and free quotation. After measuring and assessing your windows and property we can provide a free, tailored quote usually within one business day.