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The Cleargard Australia Story

Story About Cleargard Australia

In 2003, the founder of Cleargard Australia, Charles Denny, was employed in the jewellery retail trade and was looking for an effective solution to help prevent the theft of jewellery and watches from smash and grab burglaries.

He came across a Israeli company that produced a very strong polyester-based window coating that was extremely effective at holding glass fragments together in the event of intentional glass breakage. Charles was so impressed with the product that he bought a franchise and began importing the products into Australia.

The business grew from protecting glass in homes and businesses, to safeguarding Government buildings, police stations, prisons, airports, oil rigs,  public buses and train stations. Cleargard also pioneered new film anchoring systems (that hold the film and glass into the frames) and began expanding its product line to include anti-graffiti films, solar protective films, privacy films, electromagnetic data shielding films, and even a clear film that blocks out TV and computer screens from public viewing.

Over the past 20 years, Cleargard Australia has protected thousands of properties across Australia and provided fast, affordable, effective solutions for complete glass security.

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