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Home Window Security Film in Perth

When it comes to home security, there is no such thing as too much. Protecting a home is of paramount importance and, here at Cleargard, we have passionately dedicated ourselves to protecting Perth families for over a decade. Windows are the weakest point in a home and even with the best
security systems and premium deadbolt locks, a burglary can occur simply by smashing vulnerable glass.

Cleargard can provide homeowners with an extensive range of security window films with a product to suit all budgets. Our experienced team can help you make the right decision to help protect your home and family from break ins and intruders.

As well as our residential security film products, we also have a selection of internally designed window films to prevent breakage, adding an extra level of protection in the form of safety glass. Check out our residential window tinting in Perth for added deterrents.

Why Choose Home Window Security Film?

Some of the benefits of home window security film are outlined below.

Unobstructed Outdoor Views

Security film is designed to be thin, barely visible and unlike opaque coverings, allows natural light to flow into your home freely.

Privacy at Home

If you live in a crowded urban area, you could opt for privacy window coverings which give you all the benefits of shatter proof safety film and keeping you protected from prying eyes. Privacy film can deter intruders who may consider breaking into your home.


In case of a break in or a domestic accident which can shatter glass, home window security film prevents shards from falling everywhere and hurting someone.

Save Energy

Solar glass film is specially designed to eliminate harmful UV rays which damage your furniture over time. This also allows you to run your air conditioning less frequently which can result in significant savings on your energy bill.

Protection During Natural Disasters

Quality security films for windows are designed to withstand significant force and are effective against strong winds, dust, debris, fire and earthquakes. In an emergency which can cause windows to shatter, security film holds shards together, allowing you and your family to exit your home safely.

Quick and Easy to Install

Installing residential window tinting in your home is easy. Simply contact the experts at Cleargard to schedule a visit, after which one of our team members will visit your location, take measurements, and provide recommendations. We will provide you with a quote within 24 hours and upon approval, schedule an installation date.

Your windows will be cleaned, prepared for installation, after which the film will be rolled onto your glass and smoothened perfectly, so it is barely visible.

High Quality Residential Window Tinting in Perth

No matter where you live in Perth, our dedicated team of security film professionals is by your side to help you take the next step towards making your home safer. Contact us today to obtain a quote for your property!

Residential Security and Safety films at Perth

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Cleargard's secure safety films

Safety film

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R. Stibbs of South Perth

“I feel so much more secure with Cleargard’s product on my windows. If we did not have this product on our windows, thieves would have easily broken into our house during an attempted break-in a few months ago. The Cleargard laminates really work and we really trust the product. I was also very pleased with the prompt service and the quick responsive action on behalf of the company.”

Dr. E. Bould of Bundoora, Victoria

I received a fantastic service from Cleargard Australia from the measurement and quotation through to the completion of the work. They did such a great job, can’t believe they completed all the windows in my house in one day. I also really appreciated their help in putting my house back together again, and will have no hesitation in recommending the company, as it really is first class!

Cheryl of West Leederville

We had anti-graffiti film installed on our bridal shop, and after we got tagged by vandals, we realize that it was the best money we ever spent. The film was quickly and affordably replaced with no damage to our windows.

M. Miller, Owner Headphonic of West Leederville

I used to get calls from my monitored alarm company informing me that my internal sensors had gone off. Now they only call to tell me that it’s just a glass breakage sensor… this is quite a relief to say the least. Now I know that a break-in is unlikely and I can take my time in responding

L. Dolphin of Woodlands

I had the tinted security film installed though out my house and now not only is my home protected, but it is much cooler as well. I feel much more peace of mind with the product installed and have already recommended Cleargard Australia to other potential clients.

L. Chapman, Vincent de Paul Society

Someone tried to smash though the front glass doors of one of our stores and the Cleargard laminate prevented them from entering the premises. We had the windows and the film replaced immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend Cleargard’s products.

R. & C. Marston of Waterford

We have recently had our house fitted with the 10 mil tinted security film installed by Cleargard Australia. There has been a substantial reduction in both glare and heat; however, more than anything your product has given us greater peace of mind, particularly with a young child at home. Too often, the value of customer service is overlooked to save time and money. The whole experience with Cleargard Australia was great, from the measurement, quotation and fitting of the film. The response was excellent and the price competitive. We will have no hesitation in recommending your company.

Steve Blume

I just can’t thank you enough for a great product, the film is super clear you can’t see it, the silicone that does the holding looks a little crappy, but I don’t care. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Carolyn and Russ, Carlisle

Your staff were an absolute delight, very professional and explained everything thoroughly.
Working with your company has been a delight. With best wishes

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