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 Commercial & Residential Window Security Films in Perth

Worried about unprotected glass in your home or business?


s protecting your family, home and contents important to you? It is to us. Wouldn’t you feel more at ease knowing that all the vulnerable glass in your home is protected from intruders and that your home is safe? Now, there is an easy and affordable solution.

Our virtually invisible, clear Israeli-made security films are installed to the inside of your existing glass panels and are attached to the frame for extra protection from intentional glass breakage.

Why install expensive security screens or roller shutters when security film will protect your glass, is much more affordable, faster to install, and does not change the look of your property?

Cleargard films from Cleargard Australia also block out 99% of UV rays, are available in clear and tinted versions, bring any dangerous glass up to Australian safety standards and protect little ones and active pets from accidents.

Silver rectangular sliding glass door.

 Advantages of Security Film for Windows

Here are some benefits of installing window security films in Perth:

Visibility / Transparency

Security films are thin, barely visible, and allow natural light to flow freely into your home and give you uninterrupted outdoor views.


Cleargard provides window films with privacy options which prevent prying eyes from looking into your home while also protecting the windows from impact.


Upon impact, window security film successfully holds glass fragments together to prevent glass from falling apart and injuring you or your loved ones.


By bonding the glass together, security film makes a window more difficult to breach, which deters intruders and prevents easy entry. This can also give you, the homeowner, more time to react in case of an attempted break in.

Protection During Natural Disasters

Quality security films for windows are designed to withstand significant force, holding up against debris impact from gale force winds, fire and earthquakes. By keeping the glass shards in place, security film gives occupants of a building the chance to exit safely without being injured by shattered glass.

Professional Safety Film Installation

Here’s how Cleargard’s streamlined installation process works:

  • A Cleargard representative will inspect your windows, take measurements, make recommendations, and leave an info sample package.
  • You will receive a quotation usually within 1 business day.
  • Approve quotation and set installation date and time.
  • The Cleargard installer will clean the windows and prepare them for the film (you do not need to clean the windows prior to his arrival… all we request is 1 metre of working space in front of each window).
  • The installer then rolls the film onto the inside of the glass and removes any application solution with thick rubber squeegees.
  • After the frames are dry, the installer applies a black structural silicone where applicable.

Your property is now protected!

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    With over 15 years of experience in the security industry, Cleargard has successfully protected thousands of residential and commercial properties from personal injury and property loss. Contact us today for effective, affordable and high-quality glass protection solutions in Perth.

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