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Crime Prevention at Perth

There are other ways to improve home security in Perth without the need for bars, grilles or roller shutters. While they certainly play important roles in specific preventative scenarios, they are considerably more expensive than security film, they take much longer to custom-make and install, and they may cause other issues such as a change to the aesthetics of the property, a decrease in natural light, and may be difficult to keep clean.

Security film technology, over recent years, has also greatly improved with stronger films, more aggressive adhesives, and improved clarity. Also, new techniques such as anchoring the films to the glass frame with a structural silicone or mechanical angle has made security film even more effective. To see just how resistant security film can be, the following link shows actual CCTV footage as thieves attempted to gain access to a pharmacy with a crowbar. Visit the homepage for more info.

Perhaps one of the best crime prevention selling points is the element of surprise. It is true that bars, grilles and roller shutters do provide a visible deterrent, but thieves know what to expect. But when potential thieves strike a seemingly unprotected pane of glass, they are usually thrown off-guard at the unexpected resistance. When blow after blow fails to penetrate the glass (due to the films protective characteristics), the noise of smashing glass usually causes unwanted attention and thieves more often than not move on and look for another target.

A thief using crowbar break into a house at window

Crime prevention at Perth is more about creating layers of protection on your property. High quality locks, strong doors, motion-sensor lights, monitored alarms, and protection on all glass panes (including the fixed panels!) are all important preventive tactics. The more layers that you can create, the more difficult it is for intruders to succeed. And remember, most burglars are looking for the avenue of least resistance!

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