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Decorative Window Film Perth

The experienced team at Cleargard Australia provide the highest quality decorative window films that Perth has to offer.


ooking for some decorative window film for your office or meeting room? Do you need to put some frosted film on a door? Looking for a customised logo? Perhaps you need to display your office opening hours, but with a bit of class? Cleargard offers a wide variety of high-quality vinyl and frosted window films, and above all else… options!

Decorative Window Film for Added Style

Whether it’s to block out the intense glare and UV rays from the sun, update your designs, or maintain privacy in your space, there is no better material to choose than our decorative window films. Our products come in a wide range of options to match your interiors and exteriors, from classic pinstripes to embossed patterns. With our decorative window films, you can add a fresh style and a lasting finish to your windows.

Different Patterns for Optimum Privacy

Our decorative window film doesn’t only give a new touch to your glass, but also provides varying levels of privacy. With their exceptional designs and realistic textures, the films can mask light and block out views, while maintaining the aesthetic element of your windows.

Excellent Installation for Extra Protection

Our window films function beyond the aesthetic; they also help protect your space from intrusion or forced entry. Our films come with a special coating that prevents your glass window from easily breaking. We also reinforce your windows with special anchoring methods as an added precaution for your glass windows.

Affordable Decorative Window Film at Perth

Cleargard Australia’s decorative window films provide the perfect solution to any design challenge, without high designer costs, for your glass windows. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, premium-grade decorative window films that Perth has to offer.

Professional Safety Film Installation

Here’s how Cleargard’s streamlined installation process works:

  • A Cleargard representative will inspect your windows, take measurements, make recommendations, and leave an info sample package.
  • You will receive a quotation usually within 1 business day.
  • Approve quotation and set installation date and time.
  • The Cleargard installer will clean the windows and prepare them for the film (you do not need to clean the windows prior to his arrival… all we request is 1 metre of working space in front of each window).
  • The installer then rolls the film onto the inside of the glass and removes any application solution with thick rubber squeegees.
  • After the frames are dry, the installer applies a black structural silicone where applicable.

Your property is now protected!

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