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Quality Residential Window Safety Film in Perth

Safety glass films are designed to effectively protect thin glass panes, which present a hazard to homes in Perth, boosting their safety instantly.


afety glass films are designed to effectively protect thin glass panes, which present dangerous hazards, and boost their safety instantly for you and your family.

Cleargard Australia’s premium residential window safety films are manufactured in Israel to the highest standards. They are designed to cover existing glass, absorb impact, and even hold broken glass shards together. Installing safety film brings instantly brings your glass up to AS/NZ 2208  Grade A-3 safety standards.

Safety film is a quick, affordable way to fortify your windows without the need for costly glass replacement.

How Does Safety Film Work?

Safety film is a simple yet innovative way to strengthen glass windows in a home. Designed to be retro fitted, it can be used to upgrade standard glazed glass without replacement. The film works by sticking to the surface of the glass, preventing it from shattering by holding the shards together in case of impact.

It is important to note that safety glass film does not prevent glass from breaking. Thicker safety film will provide greater protection in case of impact, holding the glass together to prevent entry or injury due to falling shards of glass. This makes it ideal for protecting residential windows, skylights, car windows and large panes of glass in commercial settings.

Safety film is crystal clear, does not affect the aesthetic qualities of glass and allows you to use glass in more areas of your home without worrying about injury and glass thickness which can be costly.

Professional Safety Film Installation

Here’s how Cleargard’s streamlined installation process works:

  • A Cleargard representative will inspect your windows, take measurements, make recommendations, and leave an info sample package.
  • You will receive a quotation usually within 1 business day.
  • Approve quotation and set installation date and time.
  • The Cleargard installer will clean the windows and prepare them for the film (you do not need to clean the windows prior to his arrival… all we request is 1 metre of working space in front of each window).
  • The installer then rolls the film onto the inside of the glass and removes any application solution with thick rubber squeegees.
  • After the frames are dry, the installer applies a black structural silicone where applicable.

Your property is now protected!

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    Safety Film for Glass 

    Take your family’s protection into your own hands by installing rigorously manufactured Israeli safety glass films on your residential windows. Our window solutions are tried and tested, budget friendly and require very little time to install. Contact the Cleargard team today to take your home’s safety to the next level.

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