Better Defence: House Security & Burglar Alarms

Numerous reports of burglary in the country are alarming for many homeowners. That is why installing efficient security systems are practical. By tightening up the defence of your property, you can feel safer and more secure.

There are different kinds of security systems. Choosing the type to install depends on a few personal factors, including your location, type of house, budget, and level of protection needed among others.

Selection of Security Options

The simplest yet quite effective way to protect your home is by reinforcing your doors with quality locks and your windows with safety films. Door locks prevent burglars from easily entering your home, whilst safety films make window glasses relatively difficult to break. Both are low-priced, but effective.

Bell alarms make noises and grab the attention of only those people within hearing range, whilst speech diallers automatically notify you, your friends and family, or the police in case the alarm goes off. The loud noises from the bell sound can alert your neighbours and scare off the criminals. You can complement these systems by adding monitoring devices like CCTV cameras and sound detectors.

When choosing high-tech security systems, you have to two options: wired or wireless. Wired alarms may cost higher installation fees because these require professional services and higher labour costs to hide the wires. Wireless systems, on the other hand, can be installed by homeowners themselves.

Maintenance Requirements

Given that these systems are electronically powered, they have the tendency to lose efficiency over time, which is why regular maintenance is a must. In buying alarms, check your dealers if they will provide the maintenance or how long their warranties last. Make the most of your alarm by lengthening its efficacy.

Door locks and safety films, meanwhile, don’t require too much maintenance. For some door locks, you may have to oil it at least every six months to avoid rust from building up; whilst for safety films, you only need to regularly wipe off the dust and dirt particles.

With efficient security systems installed at the probable entry points of thieves, you’re less likely going to be a victim of burglary. At Cleargard Australia, we offer safety films that provide maximum security to your windows and glass doors. Contact us now to start enhancing the security of your house.