Interesting Cleargard Installations

Here is a list of interesting film installations carried out by Cleargard Australia over the past 14 years:

  1. Sydney Museum: Bomb blast resistant film with a cable catch system that literally “catches” the glass panels (held together by the film) and ejects them out of the building.
  2. Natural Gas Rigs: Cleargard installed safety film on the living quarters and cranes on two floating platforms (one in the North in the Timor Sea and one located South in the Bass Strait located off of Tasmania)  The installers had to be flown in and out by helicopter on numerous occasions and work around the clock to accommodate for 24-hour work schedules.
  3. Kings Park Bridge: Cleargard filmed the 52 metre glass suspension bridge in King’s Park overlooking the Swan River. Some of the panels had to be filmed from an enormous boom bucket positioned far below on the ground.
  4. Busselton Jetty Aquarium: At the end of the world’s longest wooden jetty (stretching almost 2 km) is an aquarium.  Cleargard had to film and install polycarbonate sheets to protect all of the underwater viewing windows from potential vandalism.
  5. Perth Airports: We filmed all of the glass at both the domestic and international airports to protect staff and passengers from a potential terrorism attack.  The film installation and anchoring system is designed to hold all of the glass together in the frames in the case of a bomb blast.
  6. WA Parliament House: Every piece of glass in the building was filmed for external protection as well as safety film installed internally in order to bring heritage glass up to meet Australian safety standards.
  7. Prisons and detention centers: Safety and security films were installed on numerous facilities as well as one-way films on observation and holding cells.
  8. The Bell Tower: Even Perth’s own bell tower is protected with anti-graffiti film to protect large structural panes of glass from vandalism.
  9. Emergency vehicles: Several emergency vehicles including Police riot and prison transport vans, ambulances, and even the Police Commissioner’s official car were filmed with protective film.
  10. Bullet resistant glass: Cleargard has prepared numerous combinations of glass, polycarbonate, and window films to create bullet resistant glass.  The panels were even tested by the TRG with live ammunition and later installed in police stations.
  11. New underground busport: All of the glass panels in the new underground Perth busport have been filmed with safety and security film whilst under construction.
  12. New Optus Stadium train station: Anti-graffiti and safety film was installed onto all of the glass surrounding the six train lines.
  13. Energy efficiency audits: Cleargard helped pioneer energy efficiency audits on a large West Perth office building and the Holiday Inn located in the CBD.  Temperature logging devices were installed to track the differences of heat transferrals through glass and product actual energy savings and payback period reports.
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