Cleargard Australia combines comfort and cost-efficiency with the most premium quality solar window film Perth has to offer.

Our films offer the perfect solution to shield your interiors from the intense glare and harmful UV rays of the sun, while helping you reduce energy costs and increase the privacy of your property.

Reducing Solar Heat Gain

Cleargard Australia’s solar film helps you create a balanced environment during hot summer months. Instead of absorbing the heat from the sun, our films act as a barrier to reduce solar heat gain for up to 80%. With our films, you can keep your interiors cool without turning up your air conditioners in full blast during hot days.

Providing Extra Protection from UV Rays

UV rays bring more damage to your home or office than you can imagine. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause the colours or designs of your furnishings, carpet, or other fixtures to fade and appear worn. Our solar film windows will solve your UV ray problems. Our films come with a special protective UV filter to block out harmful rays and maintain a safer environment.

Get impressive energy savings and experience year-round comfort with our high-quality solar film. Contact Cleargard Australia for more information about our products. We’ll be more than glad to provide samples of available films and assist with your selection.