Bring style, comfort, and security into your property with Cleargard Australia’s glass privacy film. Whether you want to jazz up your interiors, block out the sun’s glare, or simply enhance the privacy of your space, our films offer a cost-effective solution to address each need.

Window Privacy Film for Enhanced Style & Security

With our window privacy film, you don’t need to install new shutters to give your windows a new touch, or draw curtains to shield your interiors from prying eyes. Our films are designed with a special coat with impressive patterns to obstruct view from the outside of your property, while serving as a stunning window décor. Our films also prevent your glass window from shattering easily during break-ins or accidents, providing extra protection for your property.

Sun Control & UV Protection

During summer months, the heat and glare from the sun can be overwhelming even if you’re indoors. With our privacy window film, you can prevent heat and glare from entering your space and experience high levels of comfort. Our films will block out the UV rays from the sun while reducing glare to a minimum.

Function and aesthetics — experience the best of both worlds with Cleargard Australia’s privacy films. Contact us for more information about our products. We’ll be more than glad to provide a quote that suits your needs and budget.