Protecting Your Windows From Graffiti

Graffiti or tagging is a part of pop culture that will always cause a class divide. It’s an urban form of expression that’s become an internationally understood symbol for rebellion. Tagging has always had a terrible reputation for being associated with gangs and hoodlums, but is seeing a bit of a turnaround in the public eye, slowly becoming an acceptable genre of art.

Glass Tagging

Not all forms of graffiti are gaining traction in the mainstream, though, and with good reason. Glass tagging is the act of scratching slogans and images into glass with blades, sharp implements, and acid etching. This is understandably a frustrating form of graffiti; replacing glass is costlier than putting on a fresh coat of paint. It doesn’t help that the most glass taggers can do is a spell a rude word, or worse, draw an indecent picture.

Unlike other types of tags, the cons of glass tagging are simply greater than the pros they provide. There’s little art in it, and there’s very little sympathy for it even within the tagging community.

Glass Shields

Fortunately, there are ways for residents to protect themselves from glass taggers and keep their windows free of unsightly images. One of the most effective of these measures is an anti-graffiti film that acts like a shield over any pane of glass. Our anti-graffiti film has a special adhesive that helps cover up scratches when exposed to heat and sunlight. If the film is damaged somehow, we can simply remove the film and replace it. This way, the glass is easier to clean, saving homeowners money and time whenever taggers strike.

If you’ve been a victim of glass tagging, call Cleargard Australia today for a free quotation. We offer the best line-up of quality glass film for residential and commercial properties. Let us provide you with an affordable solution.