SCREENEX Digital Privacy Film In Action

Take a look at Cleargard Australia‘s SCREENEX digital privacy film in action.  You can see an unprotected view of a computer screen compared to a glass panel filmed with SCREENEX.

SCREENEX is an innovative German-made product that is applied to the inside of existing glass. The film filters light oscillations from LED and LCD screens and darkens them from public view. SCREENEX also provides privacy on computer screens, notebooks, and touchscreen displays.

SCREENEX is optically clear and invisible once applied to your existing glass walls and cubicles. It will not alter any other vision through glass and preserves the current internal lighting conditions and natural daylight. SCREENEX is perfect for protecting sensitive presentations in board and meeting rooms, adding privacy for employees and senior staff working in glass cubicles, and preventing members of the public from viewing confidential information.

SCREENEX is perfect for workplaces, medical offices, government agencies, and any businesses that need to block sensitive information from being compromised. Screenex Comparison