Cleargard Australia, located in West Leederville WA, specialises in the installation of all types of window films to include solar window tint.  And, our solar tints will actually pay for themselves over time.

For example, lets say that you have 10 square meters of Optitune-22 (our most popular window tint) installed on the clear glass in your home. Each square meter of this film will save 221.76 kWhs of energy per year.  So at the current Synergy cost of 27.32 cents per kWh, this would equate to a savings of $60.58, multiplied by 10 sq metres = a whopping $605.80 per year!

Put into more perspective, if this window film installation cost you $880 to install, the film would actually pay for itself in electrical energy savings in less than a year and a half!  Once the film has paid for itself, the energy savings will come directly off of your electrical bills.

In addition, you enjoy the benefits of have a cooler home environment, an air conditioning system that has to work less  to achieve the desired room temperature, and protection from damaging UV rays.  Not only will your air conditioner last longer, but your furniture and furnishings will suffer much less from sun damage and fading.

To find out more information (and how much we can save you), please call 08 9380 9617 for a free energy savings estimate.