Social Media: Burglar’s Key to Enter Your House

Burglars are taking break-ins to a whole level. They no longer need to wear the black attire and ski mask to lurk around your house at night. They are now more creative with their tactics. With the use of social networking sites, they can easily get information about you. People love to post on Facebook and Twitter, especially when they are out on a vacation. This information, however, can easily make you a vulnerable target of thieves.

You do not need to lock yourself inside your house forever to avoid this circumstance. Here at Cleargard Australia, we offer affordable security systems that work 24/7 without the need for constant monitoring, electricity or locks. Finally, you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Digital Stalking

Social media brings you closer to relative and friends across the world, but the information you post online may fall into the wrong hands. Tech-savvy burglars are now using social media to determine their next victim. About 75 percent of convicted burglars admitted that they use social media to pick their victims.

1. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare are particularly straightforward ways of finding out if someone left or has new valuable materials.
2. Google Maps makes advance scouting much easier.
3. GPS data automatically provides your location. This is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver.

Kicking burglars out of your home

Some people are still not quite convinced that security makes a big difference. A study has proven that burglars do not even try to get into a house that implements safety measures. Homes with security features are three times less likely to be broken into today. Motion sensor lights, alarms and roller shutters provide a visible deterrent, but experienced thieves know what to do with it.

At Cleargard Australia, we provide added protection for homes with our security films. We know that glass is a common entry point of many thieves, which is why we have made our film a tough one to crack. Our product has been very successful at helping prevent forced entries. Call us today for more information.