Protecting Your Store From Vandals

Entrepreneurs with successful stores are able to bring in generous amounts of income. Sales, stocks, and making a profit, however, are not the only concerns of store owners.

Being a store owner entails having to protect your store, along with your goods and earnings, from vandals and thieves. Apart from padlocks and cash registers, stores need an extra layer of security.  Besides, not every store owner has enough resources to hire security guards for round the clock security.

Below are some security features that you can add to your store to safeguard it from vandals and thieves alike:

  • Safety Glasses

Apart from graffiti, one of the most common acts of vandalism that plagues stores is glass breakage. At Clear guard Australia, we understand that glass is the most vulnerable part of any property. This is why a strong protection is a necessity for businesses today. Making use of our security films reinforces glasses and toughens them up to withstand high impact. This puts a stop to after-hours break-ins.

  • Security Lights

Providing high-level visibility causes would-be perpetrators from committing criminal acts. The mere fact that bystanders or authorities may be around to witness can create enough hesitation on their part and provide a first line of defence for your store.

  • Alarm Systems

Good alarm systems are definite must-haves for any store. The mere blaring of loud alarms is enough to cause panic and thwart thieves from accomplishing illegal deeds. It makes nearby individuals and authorities privy to ongoing crimes.

  • Surveillance Cameras

The addition of surveillance cameras gives an added security boost. Cameras can sometimes be enough of a deterrent. The mere fact that there is close monitoring and recording of goings-on in any given store can make perpetrators think twice. In addition, they aid the authorities when it comes to investigations.

Locks and padlocks are not enough for store security. Keep this in mind and protect your assets. Be sure to keep your store secure from unwanted elements and make use of these safety tips.

Clearguard Australia aims to make the world a safer place. Our safety films are known to increase safety. Contact us today to book an appointment.