The Importance of Anchoring Your Window Film

It is important that you anchor your security film to the window and door frames whenever possible with either a structural silicone or mechanical angle.  In most residential installations, a portion of the rubber or window gasket is removed during the application of the film.  The film is then applied as closely as possible to the frame, and structural silicone is applied to bond the film to the frame.  The structural silicone is strong enough to adhere glass  panels to the sides of skyscrapers and is very effective at holding the glass (and film) together in the event of an attack.  Failure to bond the film to the frame may allow the entire glass panel to be “pushed” through the frame and possibly even assist would-be thieves. Sometimes it is only possible to bond two or three sides of the frame, depending on the thickness of the frames; however, any bonding is better than none.