Do you have a vacant tenancy in an office building or shopping center?

Vacant tenancies are not only bad for business, but they can be physically unattractive for shoppers and visitors.  No one likes to enter a shopping center and be greeted with empty glass shops.  So why not turn them into free advertising?

At Cleargard Australia, located in West Leederville WA, we apply a range of frosted films that can be used to create giant screens for projectors (Please see attached example at ENEX100 in Perth’s CBD)  Now empty shopfronts can be used to advertise real estate, food court and restroom locations, upcoming events, and advertisements for local businesses.

The frosted film and projector combinations turn vacant premises into vibrant shopfronts that draw attention and inform visitors.  Once leased, the film can easily be removed and returned to their previous condition.  The privacy film can also be used as a screen to limit visibility during shop fit outs and renovations.Projection film project ENEX100