Cleargard Australia, based in West Leederville, Perth, recently applied some window tint to an office located in Subiaco.  One wall of windows was East facing and the heat in the early morning was unbearable.  One employee would come in early each week day to turn one of the thermostats from 24 to 13 degrees in order to cool the office down before everyone else arrived at 9 am.

When the Cleargard installers arrived at 9 am, the lobby to the office was freezing and the receptionist was wearing a heavy Winter’s jacket.  One thermostat was set at 24 degrees and the other still on 13 degrees.  The office area near the East facing windows was warm (and bright) as the sun rose.  All of the blinds on the East facing windows were drawn.  The rest of the offices on the opposite side of the building were freezing.  Cleargard Australia went to work installing the solar window film on all of the windows.

The next morning, a Cleargard manager arrived to follow-up on the installation.  He found the same receptionist dressed in a sundress with no Winter’s jacket in sight.  Both thermostats were set at 24 degrees and the temperature was even perfect throughout the entire office.  All of the employees were thrilled with the results and now everyone could work in comfort!