Window Tinting Perth – A Simple Solution to Too Much Heat And Sunlight

The best solution is not always the most expensive. Window blinds and drapes are the most obvious choices to reduce heat and sunlight, but they are not always the most effective methods.

Solar window films are a much more affordable solution and may usually be installed within days.

Here are some of the numerous benefits:

UV Ray Protection – Window blinds and drapes merely block out the sun’s UV rays (when they are closed, of course!), but the UV rays still pass through the glass and still fade your furniture and furnishings.  Solar window film, on the other hand, prevents the UV rays from entering the room at all and works 24 hours a day regardless if the blinds and drapes are closed.

Heat Reduction – Solar window film can block out as much as 80% of the sun’s heat. In fact, the film can keep rooms up to 5 degrees cooler without any other assisted cooling systems (Ex. fans, air conditioners, etc)  They also allow cooling systems to reach desired temperatures faster and there is less wear and tear on the motors.

Glare Reduction – Solar window film not only greatly reduces glare, but also improves external visibility.

Energy Cost Reduction – Solar window film saves hundreds of dollars off of electrical bills.  In fact, most solar film will pay for itself in energy savings within 2-6 years.  The film also extends the life of cooling systems.

Improves Aesthetics and Privacy – Solar window film not only provides a more contemporary look to your property’s exterior, but can provide an enormous amount of privacy.

Evenly Distributes Room Temperatures  – Ever been in an office where employees sit on one side  in freezing cold temperatures with the air conditioning cranked to the maximum, and their colleagues can barely sit at their desks in the afternoon sun on the other?  Solar window film significantly helps to even out room temperatures and make the environment more comfortable for everyone.

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