Additional Benefits of Security Window Film

Security remains a top concern of most households in Australia today. With property crime increasing, it is essential that you protect all of the vulnerable glass in your property.  Fortunately, security film provides an affordable and aesthetic alternative to bars, grilles, and roller shutters.

Here are some of the other benefits our window films can provide for your home:

Greater Energy Efficiency

Our tinted security films reduce the heat and sunlight that enters into your property. Thus rooms remain cooler and more comfortable.  In addition, air conditioning units do not have to work as hard to achieve desired room temperatures, which results in greater energy efficiency and utility savings.

Increased Privacy

Do you live on a busy street, or have windows that directly face your neighbors or a sidewalk?  Our tinted and decorative security films provide additional privacy with minimal aesthetic changes to your property.  They even improve your visibility with a noticeable reduction in glare and sunlight.

Reduced Fading of Furniture & Furnishings

Worried about your wooden floorboards fading near a window?  Concerned about that new leather sofa that receives the afternoon or morning sun?  Our range of tinted security films can reduce UV rays, heat, and sunlight by up to 80%!  Inquire today and we would be pleased to send you free samples so that you can see the difference.

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